Database Coverage

CPE Media tracks deals and provide statistics and analysis from 2016 onward and our focus is forward-capturing all private capital deals.

Data Source

Our data is compiled directly from angel, vc, pe investors, complement by our daily research from an exhausting list of numerous public sources. 

Deal Funding Source by Jurisdictions

CPE Media is the only provider specifically tracking deal funding source breakdowns by provinces, states, and countries.  Unlike others doing estimation by splitting deal size by the number of investors, we track jurisdiction sources specifically in our database table. Examples such as USA investors continue to be the largest backers of Canadian startup ahead of investors from any provinces or territories.

Deal Funding Source by Investor Type

CPE Media also is the only provider accurate tracking deal funding source breakdowns by investor type. We track investor types specifically in our database table. Examples such as Corporate investors were the largest investors in Canadian cleantech companies in 2017.


Angel Investments

Angel Deals include equity or quasi-equity investments by a small number of private individual credited investors.

Private Investments

Private Investment Deals include 1) private placements, equity or quasi-equity, by a large number of private individual credited investors; 2) private subordinate debt financing, 3) private senior debt financing; and 4) PE-Backed senior debt offering.

Venture Capital

Venture Capital (VC) Deals include equity and quasi-equity investments led by professionally managed funds, family offices, private investment firms, corporate strategic investment units, and mutual or hedge fund mangers. Excluded are 1) angel deals or angel deals in between venture rounds; 2) subordinate debt investments by federal/provincial governments or retail funds as ways of business or economic support with no equity components; 3) grants by federal/provincial economic development agencies and quasi-government agencies such as Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC); 4) pure pharmaceutical development deals; 5) growth equity (significant minority equity transactions); 6) so called acquisition for expansion deals.

Private Equity

Private Equity Deals include control, add-on acquisition, significant minority growth equity, and private equity debt deals. Excluded are subordinate debt investments, pure commercial debt, property acquisitions, and so called acquisition for expansion deals by venture-backed companies.

Public Financing

Public financing includes equity private placement or public offering, flow-through offering, rights offering, preferred share offering, public debt offering, public convertible debt offering, public REIT offering, public REIT debt offering.